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  1. bro Netflix sucks major dick, they are only good for tv shows. Right now Im using PremiumMovies.Net , all the movies they have are HD and unlike Netflix they actually have good movies and not just old ones. Plus its only an one time fee, should you give it a try. Peace!

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  3. ‘Monkey Business’ has an episode mentioning Netflix earnings results, MB S2E3 – Mysteries and Diamonds.

    Here are some random episodes for browsing – if you spot another episode you’d also like to watch, feel free to check it out. Have fun!

    MB S1E25 – Cult TV – Which show would you bring back?
    MB S1E24 – The Real-Life Battle for Oz
    MB S1E23 – Grimsy
    MB S1E22 – Oscars Edition, also features ‘Game of Thrones’
    MB S1E21 – Valentine’s Day
    MB S1E15 – Hamlet, Hobbits, Piranhas

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