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  1. and also, i have a computer shop, i have an nfc tag there with a pricelist of my products and company info for my customers that have an an nfc device. they thought it was pretty cool and useful too.

  2. well it’s because most of the iphone users i know says they dont need nfc coz its practically useless. lmao. just because they dont have it it’s useless for them. how would they know it’s useless if they havent even tried it or know the potential of it. and most of the android users i know that dont have nfc yet knows how nfc works and what it can bring to the table. know what im sayin?

  3. For me the screen being HD isn’t like a big thing, but it is a nice thing. I won’t go back to a phone with a 320 X 480 res lol. Has to be at least 800 X 480. The OS makes sense. You don’t want it with super lag lol or so hard to use that you can’t even make a call. However Android, WindowsPhone and iOS don’t suffer from that imo, but the custom OS’s on the cheaper phones something are cluttered with crap,

  4. My list:

    1) What version of android?
    2) Storage space
    3) Screen size / Res/ ppi
    4) Controls (can I reach the power button? Ect)
    5) Monies

  5. While we’re comparing lists, I’ll add mine:

    1. Is it a Nexus?
    2. (If no to the first question) Why am I looking at it?

  6. yeah i know i love my iphone but i still think that they should have the nfc especially sense they are trying to push buying things with the new passport app….kind of silly that they didnt include it in the new one sense all the other phone company’s are adding the feature…..yeah that guy seems like that guy who makes iphone owners look bad by saying they do not need the feature but once it actually gets it he is going to be oh this is so cool,,,


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