CNET How To – How to use Samsung’s smart fridge to help manage your food inventory Here’s how to use Samsung’s smart fridge to help manage your food inventory.

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  1. So am I expected to do that for every item of food I buy? Wow. That would take longer than it took to go out and buy it all.

    Surely it could have a scanner or something or maybe even link to your Tesco (or wherever you buy your food) card to automatically do all of that

  2. Are we that helpless as a human race to have technology tell us what we can eat? We have eyes to see what food is in the fridge, and we are able to read packaging for expiry dates. Lol.

  3. nigga why you need an app for that. Why use an app to keep inventory when you can very easily just open the door and look to see if you have milk instead of going through some clunky menu. Additionally, you can just look at the exp date then waste 5 mins entering it…

  4. we must begin to say “No” to certain kinds of technology and begin to control technological change, because we have now reached the point at which technology is so powerful and so rapid that it may destroy us, unless we control it -Alvin Toffler


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