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Closet Reggie: Jungle Fever (club fit) and YES I LOSS WEIGHT!

Ftc: I bought everything in this video even myself 🙂

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  1. You look fabulous diva i love the whole outfit, girl do your thing and let
    the haters hate stay fabulous and god bless

  2. Girl you are looking good and let them haters hate. Let your haters be your
    motivators. I’m loving the outfit. It reminds me of the 80’s a lot even
    with the hair. Cute!

  3. damn i feel so old i remember road trips to tally in like 04 after i got
    outta high school ne way keep up the good vids =)

  4. You look fabulous Adri, you should make a video on some basic stepping so
    us viewers could practice at home and shed lbs too.

  5. Girl, I’m all with you. As long as you are happy then it’s aall good. I’m
    purposely trying to lose weight and it does feel good and you seem
    happy…even if you lost weight by mistake …Lol

  6. lol love the shoes. hearts and flawless make up. Clubbin fit is HOT have
    funn:))) Your right @ club we do steps. Like ” I LOOK GOOD” It’s a work out.


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