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perfectly real compact foundation can be purchased at I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! follow me on…

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  1. mua at MAC can be obnoxious. I had the same attitude here in the
    netherlands, they’re so arrogant it kind of makes me not want to spent my
    monet there.

  2. i love clinique, you should try that work out foundation, i swear that shit
    is waterproof/sweat proof!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am shade 144 and its the only powder I have ever owned. I am soon going
    to be trying out different things. I want to wear a liquid foundation with
    it, but not now because its still summer and all its going to do is melt
    off of my face. Would you recommend the Clinique liquid foundation?? Have
    you ever tried it? But i use Cliniques dramatically different moisturizing
    lotion with it, and i have oily skinand they gave me very dry to dry skin,
    is that why i look so oily after putting it on?

  4. I used to wear Mac NW45. After buying my last compact, I broke out in weps.
    I mean like an allergic reaction. So I switched to clinique 146. I’ve been
    wearing that for some time. I tried my mac again and yet again, I broke
    out. Since you wear clinique products try out the high drama lip liner.
    It’s an all time favorite.

  5. yes girl i fell you about those damn MAC elmployees here in Florida…i
    live in Florida too….them damn ppl get on my nerves.

  6. i love this. ur hilarious but it’s so true. those “professionals” sometimes
    don’t get it right. they have the nerve to do your makeup with the wrong
    tones. i’ve come out of makeup places looking like a mess lol

  7. oooooo guuurl! I know…I love love love that Clinique perfectly real
    powder! My skin is so clear now too! Check out my channel and videos…I
    just started using clinique perfectly real, so it isn’t in any of my videos
    right now, but I just did a vid of my updated skin and makeup routine!

  8. Mac swears every African american woman is nw45. I’m Dark skinned and my
    cousin is caramel and they gave us both nw45! It makes no sense. I use
    clinique now though. Best foundation I’ve used thus far!


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