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  1. i wish the best for his family, im sorry to hear about your friend. Im from
    duval so trust me i know what your saying. As a female I see my male
    friends actin a fool to prove themselves and prove that their city is hood
    or w/e. It seems so stupid smh. They dont realize it. Cities vs. cities.
    smh its a shame. You make me so sad when you cry :((( were so used to the
    smiles :(( I will pray for his family and for you and your safety.

  2. I think this video is a good way to reach alot of people. I’m sorry for
    your loss and we may not know each other but i got you. Feel better : p

  3. Adri im so sorry for your loss. I have a young son and it is so scary. You
    try your best to teach your child right, but you have to put it in God
    hands that they make the right decisions

  4. God bless you Adri. You are such a beautiful person with such a lovely
    spirit. I am so sorry for your loss and will keep family and friends in my
    prayers. I am glad you spoke on this for a see violence arising at my
    school as well. I hope that these young men, specifically young black men,
    will see what they are doing to themselves as well as to their fellow
    brother and their culture and race.

  5. It is sad that we have come so far and still have not learned a thing. God
    bless you for being strong and making this video though. God bless and take

  6. It’s sad but true. I knew people like that when I was an undergrad. Hell,
    there isn’t anything people can do to tell them to get a life and chill
    out. Life is the biggest teacher. People always think that once the child
    is in college everything is going to be okay. I believe people need to wait
    for about a year and see if they are up to the challenge or not. I really
    hope you can heal from this tragedy.

  7. Very touching!!! I’m in tears with u, and I can totally relate to your
    situation and how you feel!! I’m sorry for your loss. Be strong Sweetie,
    and I pray God’s strength in u!!! All we can do is Pray and Let God handle
    the rest.God Bless!!!

  8. I’m praying for yuh!! I wish everyone will realize life isn’t a game and
    itz to short gor the non-sense and stupidity. Once itz gone itz gone there
    iz no coming back or sayin sorry! Keep ya head up Adri!

  9. I DEFINITELY feel u hun….i know exactly what school you go to and i jus
    left that area last year after all the petty stuff….i didnt got away to
    college so that i could get shot at at a mcdonalds….im definitely sorry
    for loss….KEEP YOUR HEAD UP HUN!!!!!

  10. i am really sorry for ur lost. i can relate to u because i have lost a lot
    of close ppl to me, including a parent. nd u have the right to get
    emotional because it is something serious. i will keep the families and u n
    my prayers

  11. I Really Understand Were Yu Coming From; Because Im A Freshmen In High
    School &* My Homeboy Got Pistil Whip &* Nothin Horrible Happen He Still A
    Live And It Like Okay Yea Alot Of Us Being Stupid Hood Fights And Stuff.
    Its Not Really Worth Any Of This Pain. Because I Didnt Grow Up In A Nice
    Neighborhood; I Had A Gun In My Face Before. Life Is No Joke… But Its
    Goin To Be Okay… You Are My Hero…

  12. Miss. Adrianna i truly understand! i lost my mother at the age of 13 right
    before i started high school and had no one there for me but myself. So
    many people think that cause i moved out of the hood. I’m doing great, but
    everyday is a struggle for many and just putting faith in God and keep
    moving forward is the way to go. I try to educate these young girls and
    boys out here that things are not that deep 2 lose ur life over. God bless
    u and ur loved ones!

  13. you so right. like where we come from gun violence is not a joke ! and
    whats worst is im gay, i had a gun pulled out on me while walking to the
    store just because im gay. and its sad that its mostly the black guys that
    act like that. its really ridiculous and time to grow up cus like you said
    its really not worth it !

  14. i was plannin on comin to FAMU so i started lookin at ur videos, then i
    came across this one; then u said Graddic, Diamond, Brandon and all then
    that really hit home; i grew up wit all of them and i damn near broke down
    when u started talkin bout D.Hill, i understand where u comin from wit this
    one; i just want to say thank you for makin this video … im also from the
    streets tryna get into college and get a way out … Thank You ! #R.I.P
    D.Hill, 2YappasUp


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