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Broken City Movie Makeup

Hello my bunnies! Let me know what other looks from upcoming movies that you’d like for me to make! See you on Friday on another video! New videos every Mond…

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  1. ❤Do you have a dream?❤
    I do, I’m inspired to make beauty videos.
    I hope by giving me a chance I will get noticed in what I truly believe in.
    Honest as I want to be. I’m sorry if this comes off as a spam.
    I’m trying my best to do what I have to and never giving up.
    ❤PLEASE like this comment if you have something you believe in.
    I’ve recently just done a Michelle Phan look and also have a giveaway now.
    Free spirited girl, following her dreams ❤
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  2. yes i mean it. I was in agony when I lost all of my personal photos and videos when my hard disk got crashed. And My bro who is working in yt has suggested this great free backup option. if you are serious go for it now

  3. Michelle, you know what, my mom say that ‘are you not bored watch makeup video everyyyy night?’ Hahahahaha i just laugh. You know what, i take makeup for my university later, because i just wanna be like you

  4. I love this look, solo much! It’s so luxurious and bronze, glamorous but wearable, fav thus far! Pls do more of these!!


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