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FTC: I bought this hair MYSELF πŸ™‚ I will add the info to 1# beauty supply later I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! follow me on twitter!!!! https://t…

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  1. Omg, it looks so nice. I love it better when you did flat iron it straight.
    The cut is off the hook. I just love me some Bobbi Boss Indi Remi and I
    will never stop doing videos on it:-)

  2. I love that hair. I did a sewing using that on my cousin. The only thing is
    that the tracks were hard to put the nettle thru…

  3. Trust Me GPS works… Lovely..just Lovely… Run the warm water over it …
    quick weave fell right off lol… just make sure that your head is
    completely dry 1st

  4. you defiantly have a gift. but this zad person would he ship it to me or i
    should jus call that number and see?

  5. @eisha011 check out if you live in GA. I live in Atlanta and
    this hair is $110 and up in the stores. The guy who runs this website is
    local, cheap, and really cool. If you don’t see something on the site just
    shoot them and email – they have it! Goos luck:)

  6. you look beautiful girl n ur skin looks delicious !! (no homo lol) I was
    wondering is that a sew in cuz I cant believe one moment i saw ur part in
    one place and now its on the opposite side lmao. Did it took hours or days
    since you put the weave in?

  7. You ain’t never lied! I had to bleach bathe this hair after 1 month because
    the tangling was so bad…and it sheds like NO OTHER!!


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