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BIG Makeup Haul! Nordstrom, Sephora, Ulta & More!

Everything Mentioned (CLICK SHOW MORE BELOW) UD All Nighter spray IT cosmetics CC Your Skin But Better (My IT CC …

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  1. Yes plz do a review n tutorial on it cosmetics palette.I wma buy it love d
    colors.plz let me knw if its worth ur vids

  2. Great haul! I have and love both of those Tom Ford quads. Had to laugh when
    you mentioned TF Spanish Pink as I returned that (I was underwhelmed) but
    truly love TF Quiver. 

  3. OMG I do the same thing with my hauls!! I put everything in a “to haul”
    bag….. Then I procrastinate to the point where the haul is enormous!
    Whyyyyyy must we do this!? Lol. Great haul Tiffany, can’t wait to see how
    you feel about the IT Cosmetics palette! <3

  4. I got the IT CC cream when it was the QVC TSV and have been using it. I’ve
    tried it with or without primer, moisturizer and powder. I have extreeeemly
    oily skin and agree it holds up well. The oil does eventually break through
    but with my skin everything does that. I liked the lip gloss but it is
    sheer. The tightline mascara was a total fail for me. I have very sensitive
    eyes and it made my eyes water and my nose run almost immediately. Plus you
    could poke an eye out!! I just ordered the e/s palette but it’s on
    waitlist. I like to get IT from QVC because they include a brush – IT
    brushes are beautiful.

  5. The Tom ford palette is so you tho! I love it cosmetics I have so much from
    them, I’ve done a few reviews. Great haul Tiff ❤️

  6. I just uploaded a huge haul too and I just ordered a few more things from
    Nordy’s. I love the brow wiz too. My favorite. I’ve literally gone through
    3 or 4.

  7. Ok, so if you had to pick between the Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage and the Dior
    Grege palette, which would you buy? I’m asking because I think Sephora will
    be having a sale in April so if you suggest Dior then…

  8. So glad that you are exploring IT Cosmetics more. I have loved every single
    product that I have tried from the brand. The CC cream is still my absolute
    fave. It rivals my Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation and that is pretty
    tough to do. I have been loving the matte shadow palette and have gotten
    some beautiful looks with it. You should try the Vitality Lip Flush 4 in
    one lipsticks. They are beautiful lipsticks and have some awesome
    ingredients for your lips. Loved the haul! 😉 DD

  9. Hi Tiffany, I’d love if you did a video on the IT cosmetics matte eyeshadow
    palette compared to the Lorac pro? I have the Lorac pro and it’s very
    expensive for me to get the IT cosmetics one shipped to UK and I’m not sure
    if it’s worth it, I’m sure I’m not the only one :0) Thanks, Karen x

  10. so i was clicking on the links and curious of how much she spends roughly
    for this haul and in Canadian dollars everything came to $689.03 before
    taxes…. crazy

  11. I always enjoy watching your hauls, but they make me want to go shopping!
    I’ve now added like 20 million things to my wishlist haha 🙂 Loved the

  12. The it cosmetics palette is beautiful. You can make any eye shadow look
    it’s a full palette ! Enjoy it girl! 

  13. I would love to see a review or tutorial on the IT eyeshadow pallet. I have
    been debating to buy it. I use the cc cream as well.

  14. Great haul! I am green with envy! I would really like to see some drugstore
    makeup based videos, there’s tons of new drugstore makeup out there and I
    feel like we’ve been seeing alot of high end stuff from you. 

  15. Loved the video. But $74 bucks or whatever for the Tom Ford eyeshadow quads
    is just ridiculous. There is so much other makeup brands that are just as
    good or even better for a more affordable price. If this exact quad was
    under a different name it be much cheaper. Seriously Tom Ford, 4 eyeshadows
    for that price, you must have gold flakes inside of them :P. Other than
    that I love all the other products you’ve mentioned.


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