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Benefits Of Private School Vs. Public School

Education expert Ann Dolin discusses the differences between private school and public school, and shares tips to help choose the right one for your student….

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  1. smaller enrollments?… no…. small class sizes yes…… the cheap
    private schools here in rochester ny like aqu_inas institute, bishop
    kearney, charles finney, our lady of mercy high, mcquaid jesuit are all
    catholic except charles finney and they run between 6,000 to 10,000
    dollars, 7,000 is around the average price for private schools in the US we
    have to that are all grades , the harley school and allendale columbia and
    their over $20,000 and have over 300 kids enrolled

  2. You also didn’t get any really good education shoved down your throats
    unfortunately. Tell me, was/is more important to you during your years in
    public school? Your friends? Or your academics?

  3. So, two African American students in a school full of white kids is
    diverse? Also, how is what they’re teaching in private schools different
    from what I learn in public school, aren’t they the same state standards?
    Finally, isn’t it true that more kids from public schools are excepted into
    to better colleges? Can someone help me understand this?

  4. I’m not being ignorant,just stating my opinion,I went to private school
    till 8th grade then went to public school in high school,public stundents
    were immature and struggled with material i was learning in 5th grade,high
    school was just a repeat of everything i learned unitl 8th grade….

  5. I went to private school. Not rich or anything. Private schools are
    generally more orderly from the environment to the students and teachers.
    Things run smoother too. (Opinion)

  6. It really depends on the area. There are a lot of really good public
    schools in nicer areas, because they get more tax money. However, I’ve gone
    to private school my whole life and can’t imagine anything different. It’s
    been a wonderful experience for me.

  7. I went to two public schools in primary. I left the first one because of
    bullying (and this kid is really bad he went to like 10 different primary
    schools). My first private school shut down because bloody uniting church
    stopped funding the school. After that I went to an all boys private school
    and hated the whole vine and feeling the school gave off. All of these
    schools I had to travel on a bus for 1hr or 1hr 30min. Now I’m at the local
    public school in a smaller class and less loud kids.

  8. Bullshit, they both suck, I started in public school, then went to Private,
    than switched back to Public, and that’s where I am now. Private schools
    are filled with assholes, and they always shove their “method” down you’re
    throat, and you can’t say darn without going to have a meeting with your
    parents and your teachers. Public schools may suck in a lot of areas, but
    at least the teachers treat you like humans, and they prepare you for the
    “REAL” world, not the rich preppy world.

  9. I’m not sure about America, but I went to a private school for three years
    and hated it. Everyone was spoilt little bitches who thought they were
    better than you. Now I am at a public school and I have never been so smart
    and happy in my life. Didn’t learn shit at a private school.

  10. I went to a public school for almost all of my years in public but then I
    moved to private and they are both really good ๏ปฟ

  11. I’ve been to both. The Public schools are trashy, and ghetto. You don’t
    learn shit except for how to get pregnant and smoke weed. Private schools
    are full of rich, snobbish little boogers who think their God, but at least
    private school is safe๏ปฟ


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