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FTC: Yees i bought everything in this video 🙂 maybe ya’ll should go haulin too….

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  1. Your hair looks beautiful. Is that the Sensual Yaki 100% hair? This is my
    first time signing onto your site and I love it. Im really into hair as
    well but I go to the hairdresser every week. I want to start doing my own
    hair but im scared of the outcome. Do you have any suggestions? I love the
    straight hair look with the duby. Im not a huge fan of the curls but a
    loose curl is fine. Im located in the Virgin Islands so there arent many
    salons here with your flava. Luv it! Luv it!

  2. our hair texture can be difficult to manage because it can be course and
    fragile we cant just go to a salon and flat iron our hair it damages it
    alot, loosening the curls would also most likely need chemical treatments
    as well, extensions are a easy way to protect our hair and experiment with
    hair styles, we get to be versatile and its fun! Learn to Free your minds
    peope, :/

  3. omg u r gorgious ur skin ur face ur hair ur lips gorgious!! no homo lol
    imma subscribe to u just cuz u pretty lol keep it up girl!!

  4. hey ive been tricked i give compliments to women on there nice nails and
    they’re fake. now i know the truth!!! No one gets compliments for now on.


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