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Beauty Bites: Getting Plumper Lips!


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  1. Marlena this is great! Thank you for the tips – will definitely be trying
    these soon. You give hope to my pitiful lips, lol! xoxo Laurie

  2. Love the Beauty Bite tips! Totally agree with you that lips do start to
    loose a little volume as you get older! Didn’t know about the white
    eyeliner tip! Will be trying that today! Thank you for sharing Marlena! XX,

  3. I’m so grateful for my naturally full lips. I used to get bullied about
    them in School, but those same people are probably paying out on getting
    fillers now – Ha!

  4. Marlena, you’re giving us tips and tricks, why not use them, too. You have
    lip injections, so please don’t act as if these tips are your only way to
    get fuller lips. 

  5. Great video! It looks like the injection ball things that it created on
    your lips are going away. I know you mentioned them having to be massaged
    out or something like that. Looks so much better :)

  6. Marlena, PLEASE ignore all these hating jealous people making rude
    comments. They have some nerve to judge you!!! Pfft. I have been watching
    your videos since day 1 and you are more gorgeous than ever. You already
    know that jealous people have nothing better to do than judge others on
    this site. LOL sad life for them. YOU GO GIRL!! oh, and thanx for the tips.
    I can seriously use this one 😀 

  7. I really appreciate this make up tip I had a mole removed right above my
    lip and this really helps outline and hide the scar

  8. Another good tip is to put a tiny bit of bronzer just under your lower lip,
    where the natural shadow it. It does the same thing that putting the white
    liner does, but it kind of completes the illusion


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