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Beauty Bite: How to Match Your Foundation { Makeup Geek }

MORE INFO: Matching your foundation can be tricky. Here are some tips on the best way to make your foundation look…

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  1. Wow this really helped tremendously! always struggled to blend and match my
    foundation but now I have a great idea, you’re the best Marlena ❤️

  2. Personally, I have to match to my decolletage because my chest and neck
    come off a lot paler than my face. If I match to my jaw, no amount of
    blending will make things come together. I used to use the Maybellne Fit Me
    in 110, but they changed the colors to be a lot yellower and darker, so now
    I’m back on the hunt for a very, very light ivory (almost white) that isn’t
    super pink. Matching can be so frustrating.

  3. I went to macys to a MAC counter and they matched me wrong. Grr I hate
    that! Came home thinking I was good but no. So mad 🙁 thanks for this :)

  4. I’m super pale but I have a warm undertone, like a yellowy pale as opposed
    to a pink pale. It makes finding foundation pretty tough sometimes!

  5. Really good tips for everyone to remember. Some foundations, unfortunately,
    will not match no matter what you do. Nars Sheer Glow oxidizes like
    nobodies business on me.

  6. I still remember when in one of your videos looong time ago you mentioned
    Revlon Color Stay, so I went and purchased it and it’s freaking
    awesome!!!!! It’s my best foundation EVER!!! So thank you

  7. Thanks Marlena! I have such a hard time finding my match and always have to
    buy two colors and mix. I’ve tried Almost every drug store brand and none
    that match. I have a very interesting yellow/olive skin tone that gets even
    more yellow in the summer. I went yo the Bobby Brown counter at Macys to
    match me and the guy was trying to get me to buy a foundation. I was almost
    convinced until I seen the color match he did on my jaw line! Way too dark
    and orange for me. I shall keep trying!

  8. It’s so important to choose the right shade!
    Women usually don’t know about the warm/neutral/cool guide, it’s great to
    say it!
    Perfect video as always :)

  9. Is it a good idea to bring a foundation with you that you know matches your
    complexion and try to match it up that way? 

  10. Marlena, you’re just amazing! Thanks for sharing. You are the first beauty
    guru who have cleared up the foundation myth for me. For years I’ve been
    buying the wrong colour, tone, etc. Keep up the great work. 


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