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Beauty Bite: How to Foil Pigments { Makeup Geek }

Hello Makeup Geeks and welcome to BEAUTY BITES! This is a new series full of quick tips to help you get out the door and on your way. Each video will focus o…

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  1. Gorgeous! I’m totally going to do this with my MUG Pigment in Enchanted 😀
    I think that will look sooo great! Thanks Marlena! <3

  2. Can you get the pigment or eyeshadow on the brush then mist it with fix
    plus to get the same effect? That’s what I do and it looks great 

  3. Loving these beauty bites Marlena! You always look so stunning and I love
    how great of a makeup educator you are. Much love!!! <3

  4. Makeup Geek team you guys know when the some of MG eyeshadows are gonna be
    back in stock? I signed up for email alerts, hope its coming soon 🙂 

  5. I just did this with the exact same pigment yesterday before seeing this
    video! crazy! and love this pigment. Reminds me of what I wanted MAC’s club
    eyeshadow to look like. :)

  6. If you need to scrape out some eyeshadow before you mix it with your liquid
    you can just use a spoolie. It falls out like a fine powder. I use
    disposable ones! Just thought I’d share that little tip 🙂 Love you

  7. When u say u can use eye drops instead of fix + what eye drops do u mean, i
    get confused when alot of beauty bloggers say eye drops but dont know
    exactly what they r talkin about…if u can please let me know so i can try
    foiling at home with eye drops would be great thanks and luv ur videos!!!!


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