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Barbie inspired pink tips tutorial

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  1. Very cute girl. I love pink:) I do nail art tutorials as well and i use a
    tripod to do them. you can angle camera straight down over nails really
    great with one. Great job:) Love it!

  2. I love the way acrylic nails look. I just hate how they make your nails
    look brittle and fragile when you take them off. Im going to try to do this
    on my natural nails. Really good video!

  3. Girl, thank you for doing a nail tutorial. I know we’ve been asking for
    time and you finally did one- and it’s great. Don’t worry too much about
    the video, we can see the process but II think it’s a tripod you need to
    angle it like the others have said. Anywho great video, can’t wait to see
    more designs.

  4. @jazz3093 You should try Shellac. They look like acrylics but its a special
    application of special nail polishes that is applied by a trained
    professional. It doesn’t chip, fade or damage your natural nail. It lasts a
    couple of weeks before you start to see growout at the base of your nail.
    Google Shellac to see who does it in your area.

  5. cute design!! just one thought you should use non acetone polish remover
    acrylic the regular kind destroys the acrylic if not careful. you should do
    more of these videos.

  6. @jazz3093 : i know gurl that is why i have stayed away from acrylics. if
    you wanna do em taken biotin after removal of naisl cos that helps your
    nails grow.

  7. i think you did a great should do more tuts on nails.i’m gonna
    attempt at creating this look.cause u make it seem so effortless and so
    easy.but your design looked really professional.i ilked!!!!!


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