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Aspire nail acrylic kit review pt1


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  1. Buy a jar for your acrylic, And only dip the tip of your brush in it . make
    alittle ball. It works better that way.

  2. yea girl i do that! but something about that white acrylic didnt work right
    lol i thought i was goin crazy but yea i tried that i cant do them without
    the lil ball lol

  3. thats good girl..i dont know if i can take the time or patience to do it
    myself lol i jus take my tail to the shop

  4. diamond shine doesnt work for me. for some reason it doesnt stay shiny and
    it start to look dingy fast. idk

  5. oh the white powder is always thicker for some reason, even in the nail
    shop….the white powder is used when ppl get the “pink and white” nails…

  6. bald want more girl you need to shut up you just mad cause once we look at
    this video and start doing it ourselves you wont be making money. Hater
    whose to say she wont get better at this. Ever heard the saying you have to
    crawl before you walk. well to be honest looks like she skiped that step.
    your nails are beautiful adrienne lil mo.

  7. ok like what is it that yu dont kno how to do cause yu got a video for
    everything!!!!!!! lol but yu do a good job at it =)

  8. i ordered this pink drill off ebay and it looked dope and it was like $20
    and tell me why that sob dont even work smdh that bits always fallin out n
    shit n i cant tighten them in anymore and i got that drill too for like $7
    and it works twie as good as the ‘expensive’ one and the damn bits dont
    fall out either lol


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