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#AskMarlena: New Product Releases, Deepest Fear, and Jaclyn Hill Collab? | Makeup Geek

I LOVE taping these videos for you all! I get to answer your burning questions about my life, what’s new with Makeup Geek, and everything in between ­čśë Hope you’re doing amazing! xoxo, Marlena…

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  1. Idk why i’m just noticing this but, you remind me a lot of kim kardashian.
    Especially when you laugh & smile! Lol. GORGEOUS!!´╗┐

  2. Will Make Up Geek ever do a collaboration with other YouTube’s? Like a
    Manny MUA or Jaclyn Hill Favorites Make Up Geek Eye Shadow Palette, or
    allow them to do a custom color shadow or lippy, like Color Pop and Gerard
    Cosmetics did, with you?´╗┐

  3. I’m so excited for your collab with +Jaclyn Hill I hope you have enough
    stock, because you know how she likes to break the internet +Makeup Geek ´╗┐

  4. I have been a subbie for a long time and I must say this is one of my
    favorite videos!! It makes me love you more!! ´╗┐

  5. +MakeupGeekTV Marlena why don’t you do something like a preorder or an
    interest list for a palette then see if you can manufacture based on
    that?!? I’d love it even if it was a little more costly than one of these
    other palettes´╗┐

  6. Hi Marlena!
    I hope your foundations have a good range of colors…don’t forget the
    deeper skin tones! And btw…you may not be the billionaire icon Oprah is
    but in my opinion you use the platform that you have so positively with
    such integrity thus making you quite inspirational. Random… I love the
    way you handle the few haters you address… shooting them right Down!
    Lol… Ok I’m fanning out a bit… ha!
    Much continued success… xo´╗┐

  7. Does MUG ship to Australia?? I realllyyy want to try the products but I’d
    think it only ships to the US :)´╗┐

  8. I found almond oil around the eyes at night takes away dark circles as well
    as eating lots of sweet potatoes and oatmeal. They are proven to improve
    dark circles! I hope that helps!´╗┐

  9. I would like to see Makeup Geek do collabs with various gurus kind of like
    Colour Pop does. It’s a neat idea and Makeup Geek makes my absolute
    favorite affordable eyeshadows. ´╗┐

  10. used makeup since i was a child.. and i thought i was awesome and everyone
    said i did it good.. but only after i ‘ve read the bobby brown makeup
    manual .. i realized how many stupid mistakes i made..´╗┐

  11. Marlena, no matter how humongous Makeup Geek grows, please never stop your
    YouTube channel! I appreciate you keeping in touch with us! Denise´╗┐

  12. Could you maybe do a video or give some tips on how you maintain your
    purple hair ? I also have purple and find it very hard to keep up with !

  13. I know that you don’t test on animals but are any of your products that are
    launching going to be vegan?!?´╗┐


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