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April: HOT New Products { Makeup Geek }

MORE INFO & PRODUCT SWATCHES: It’s time for April’s HOT new products. My hope is that this will help you narrow down your…

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  1. Great picks Marlena!:)) Lusting after those Kat Von D palettes and I’ve
    swatched the Too Faced lippies and am on the fence because of the dryness,
    but the fuschia looks amazing on you, especially with that NARS lipgloss
    which I will have to swatch now that they have been redone with the new
    packaging and reformulation! Another awesome vid as always!! XOXO

  2. Lips match the accessories! Lovely new look.

    I wouldn’t buy the palettes though. To much for to little. I’ve made my
    palette using your products and Mac. Cheaper, great quality.

  3. I went to Sephora to try the Too Faced Melted lip colors and I wanted to
    like them so bad, but the colors just looked so bad on me- I am light with
    pink undertones (nw15) – and, maybe it was Sephora’s awful lighting, but
    the coloring of the lipsticks just didn’t mesh well with me. Hopefully they
    come out with additional colors because I really liked the formula. I did
    buy the KvD Monarch palette, though- love it!

  4. I just mentioned i love this type of your videos yesterday and there is a
    new one today ahhhh i love it and that Kat Von D Monarch palette i love it
    so much more of this videos please 😉 thank u xx

  5. Oh my god I so want the Kat Von D pallettes! I am in love with the
    packaging and I love butterflies. I would definetly would have to save my
    money to get those pallettes.

  6. I would be much more likely to like and favorite these videos if you
    included drugstore products. There are new products coming out from the
    drugstore all the time, and some of them are just as good (if not better)
    than the higher end makeup.

  7. Hey! I am a beautyguru here on youtube and I am so grateful to have 800+
    friends here! I am trying to hit 1,000 subbies and I really need your help!
    If you so happen to sub just tell me in my comments and i will sub right
    back! xx

  8. I love how you are still down to earth when it comes to pricing and always
    looking out for the best value, commenting that something is a bit too
    expensive, etc., rather than spending money and acting like it’s no big
    thing. It’s your comments about other people’s products and pricing on your
    own that keep me going back to your store! Take care! :)

  9. I’ve been looking for a new facial mist/setting spray and you mentioned you
    used one with hyaluronic acid but you didn’t tell us the name… Would you
    mind sharing so I can check it out?! Thanks. 


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