Apple Watch: Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy One

Here are some reasons as to why you shouldn’t buy the Apple Watch! Reasons why you should – Great Deals on Tech! – Social networks:…

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  1. uhm im wont agree to that mostly

    price? Well its apple. The most valuable brand on this planet. Next gen
    will more likely be even more expensive.

    I agree that saphire on sports model would be way cooler though. Heard the
    ION-X would be better protected vs breaks though. SO i dont know. Some
    scratches are not ta bad, a broke display is.

  2. bought the Samsung Gear Neo 2 and its awesome and it only cost me around
    220 dollars so the fact that only the sport apple watch costs 400 is just

  3. is there even a point to this..? i hold my hands in my pockets and my
    iphone is in there so i can just pull it out

  4. and it breaks very easy dropped mine in 2 days of owning it adjusting the
    size of it the display came off of the watch itself apple replaced it they
    said it was a defect i had to pay $169 for apple to fix it too much money!

  5. Did you even see the torture test CNET did? It held up extremely well and
    DisplayMate found that the ion-x glass was better then the sapphire. 

  6. Pretty much everything was opinionated except for the glass. Although it’s
    less durable, the sun doesn’t glare on the ion-x so it’s meant for sports
    use in outdoors

  7. I don’t get what people want to invest on this device. I don’t think it’s
    worth the buck. It breaks easily when dropped. Nothing really new or
    innovative. Expensive. And by next year, they will release updated models
    of this device. Isn’t it better to buy instead luxury watches and just get
    a fitness band?

  8. Spending $400-500 on this is pretty stupid. Getting a mechanical timepiece
    is a much better option, IMO. I just don’t get smartwatches.

  9. why your suscribers are getting lower and lower,that bad,your videos are so
    smooth and u should gain subscribers 111k to 110k


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