Android Wear Overview!

My overview and initial thoughts on the Android Wear OS and smartwatches coming up from LG and Motorola! Official Android Wear video by Google Mobile: https:…

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  1. The round watch looks so cool, but do you think it will show only Google
    notifications, will I get my SMS possibly WhatsApp? Looks cool anyway and
    probably won’t be as expensive as the gear

  2. I own a smartwatch, but I am not keen on to them. As tech community and
    everybody is saying 2014 for wearable tech, Lets wait for Google’s approach
    (maybe some nexus wearables) I enjoyed this video and hope to see more of
    these. Great job Justin, take care mate :)

  3. If this does come out , I will definitely be picking up the round one 🙂
    just hope it’s around the price of the pebble 

  4. Can’t wait for the day when we have wrist watches that we can talk to
    people with like we do with our phones. Probably will be out in 2015 or
    2016 maybe lol.

  5. glad you emphasised “round” all the companies following like sheep
    producing square or rectangular watches boring! round all the way


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