Amazon Fire TV Review!

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  1. Lol this looks terrible, idk why anyone would want this. Just buy a decent
    PC, there’s gaming, movies, tv, music, internet, etc. Sure it’ll cost a bit
    more, but the possibilities are endless with PC gaming.

  2. I’m sad you’re actually allowing GoDaddy to sponsor the show =/
    I understand everyone needs to make a living and everything – but honestly
    GoDaddy is overall shitty (pardon my language). They support Sopa and the
    like, have horrible customer service, and bad practices.

  3. I still don’t like this. Roku to me is still the best deal. Hell, the
    streaming stick is half the price if you just want to stream. And the games
    on this is pretty useless considering that you have to buy a controller
    when you can get an Xbox 360 for about $120 or a Wii for $80. 

  4. It should come with a year of amazon prime free.There are already too many
    streaming devices,phones,gaming consoles,pcs,tvs,roku player,google
    play?Why should I buy this,without an incentive?No way Jose,or Pedro,or

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  6. Awesome review! I agree that this is definitely a great starting point for
    Amazon and as time goes on we will see even more incredible content like
    game and movies come to Fire TV as well. Definitely something to keep an
    eye on for the future.


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