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advice on PROPER fading cream usage :) and what i use

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  1. I think no matter where you live whether it be north or south, in black
    neighborhoods, you will see fade creams at the beauty supply store or drug
    store. On the Tyra show Bre was in New York but she was in a black
    neighborhood. I’m from the west coast, and we still have fade creams out
    here too. Good job with this video, not a topic that people bring up very

  2. Hi adri,when u were using the procelena fading night cream what did you
    apply it with and did you rub it in or did you just apply and leave it
    there to absorb itself

  3. Girl I wish only wish I could find the right cream for my face. My skin is
    so darn senstivie till its crazy. I’ve tried the Skin Success Cream and the
    soap before and it broke me out worse, I’ve tried Ambi, you name it, i’ve
    tried it and nothing works. All these products broke me out so bad. It
    makes me sooo mad. I finally decided to try the Black Soap i haven’t
    noticed a difference yet but I can say that it didn’t break me out so thats
    a PLUS lol Thanks girl:)

  4. love love love your hair in this video and in your past video on bleaching
    creams! its so inspiring to see young women discuss and take on major
    problems in the african american community

  5. @enjoyalove12772 it cost $2.23 at walmart make sure u get the ultra glow
    b/c that’s war she uses (she had showd it n anuther video)

  6. I’m using Othine for some scars i had and its supposed to be the strongest
    bleaching cream you can get without a perscription. Its 3% hydroquione…
    that ambi wasn’r hittin on nothing when i tried it

  7. work on her… she get’s all sort of rashers…. and the only thing that
    works are those bleaching skins… I don’t know if she get’s that reaction
    bcz she has been using them for a long time or what…. but yea.
    FADING/BLEACHING creams are verrry popular in the west-african culture. SO
    THAT IS WHAT I WANTED TO SHARE… [nd ppppppppplllzzz keep the video
    comming!! I LOOOVE UR CHANNEL!!]

  8. they still perfer light skin & white wmn rather than a dark skin woman in
    Indianapolis_ i wz alwayz told dwn south that darker skin women are more
    accepted!! I have severe dark spots on on my face im goin 2 try the ambi
    fade cream & if it doesnt wrk i will try the palmers fading cream! luv ya
    vids & u r so pretty!

  9. hi I’ve seen your videos and i love it! I live in Amsterdam and when I was
    little I had a normal nice color later as I grew I got dark spots under my
    eyes, some parts of my body is darker than other places so i was using all
    kinds of creams to see if it wil work but it did not , now I use nivea body
    milk with shea butter. You showed creams that you used for you dark spots
    but I could not see them correctly

  10. i hate that stuff no matter where the blemish is on my face, i could put
    the crap on my chin & it will always end up in my sensitive eyes. i never
    stick w/ it bc it burns my eyes. i’ve noticed that w/ regular exfoliation
    my skin is evening out. your skin looks lovely!


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