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  1. I feel like people who get sucked into peer pressure are weak minded
    individuals. Can’t nobody tell me to do something I don’t want to do.

  2. damn girl im a upcomming freshmen in college 7 u hav no idea how much these
    videos got me hooked lol…………can u do a video on how to avoid drama
    in college

  3. Girl you hit the nail on the head, especially about people who are
    homosexual and travel to a new environment where they feel more comfortable
    about being themselves. PEOPLE CHANGE & GROW. I am a product. Thanks.

  4. Um. As long as you dont mind the profanity…i believe this was directed to
    older -at least TEENAGER

  5. I’m going to college this semester, and I’m 17, lol, but I’m not into all
    the partying and stuff lol

  6. you’re a smart girl. I was the same way as you when I was in college:) and
    now I’m 27 and glad I didn’t follow the crowd in college:) go ‘head girl!

  7. Im turning 21 in 3 days and I CANT do anything!!!! I cant go to clubs,
    parties, never been to a sleepover -____- Maybe its a Jamaican thing but if
    I can just get a job alot of things will change.. but I dont let people
    pressure me into doing anything

  8. Thank you so much for the advice!! I’m starting my freshman year in August
    and I need some advice to go in the right direction.


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