9 Essential Microwave Tricks

9 essential quick microwave tricks that you must know, from perfectly cleaning it in minutes to cooking eggs to perfectly reheat your food with no cold spots. Each of them is 20 seconds or less.

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  1. At 2:04 it says “Like and subscribe for a new hack every Tuesday and
    I just looked. Prior to this there wasn’t another video for 6 months.

  2. My microwave is So Dirty …
    I can put in a bowl of Water
    turn on high for 2 minutes and pull out a Bowl of Soup ….
    great video as always thanks for sharing the helpful awesome hints

  3. what’s with the huge gaps in time? like 3-6 minutes… you know everyone is
    just gonna cook it for 4.5 minutes lol

  4. 0:30 How can you even heat a plate in the microwave?
    Don’t microwaves only affect water molecules?


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