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6 Fresh Lip Colors for Spring/Summer 2014 { Makeup Geek }

Want to know the trendiest colors for your lips this spring/summer? I picked out my top six lip colors that look amazing for this season! More info http://ww…

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  1. My two favorites: the Dose of Color lipstick & the YSL volupte gloss. All
    of the colors looked SO pretty on you especially the maybelline gloss.

  2. You’re absolutely amazing, Marlena. Thank you for this video–I look
    forward to spring for bright lip colors! :)

  3. I’m dying!!! Your eye makeup is beautiful! I absolutely love it. Would you
    consider doing a tutorial on it? Stunning, simply stunning!

  4. I don’t think people need to always follow “trends” like this one about
    wearing more simple eye makeup and bolder lips. I like having fun with my
    eye makeup and being bold so that’s what I’m going to do. Same with you,
    wear whatever eyeshadow you want! :)

  5. your eye makeup is sooo gorgeous!!!!
    but then any eye makeup on your eyes always looks so good!! so jealous <3

  6. love your hair! I wanted to ask what shade is that? I see that it has a red
    pigment to it. I wanted to go a bit more red but not sure if I can since my
    hair is dark brown!

  7. aaaah you look gorgeous!!!! i love all of your lip color choices. the blue
    based love potion is my favorite hehehe

  8. Marlena, I tried the Maybelline color elixir and it was disgusting. How
    could you not even mention the scent? They REEK.

  9. You are gorgeous! I love you hair, nails, and eyeshadows. All of the
    lipsticks look great on you. Nail and hair color video please?

  10. I don’t think your makeup is Clashing lol you keep saying that girl! You
    look beautiful as always. I’m extremely obsessed with purple lips right now
    too <3

  11. i love love love when you talk of products and you say which one are good
    for fair and dark girls . i am a brown girl and it really help me and you
    are the only one in you tube that would do that so thanks a lot .

  12. Those colors are gorgeous, the YSL gloss caught my eye. I really don’t
    follow trends as nowadays i’m in very simple looks, and i either slap on my
    lips a pale shiny pink lipgloss (from Dr Hauschka), or a shiny red colored
    lipbalm (from the brand Ilia). I don’t do much pinks, i have trouble
    picking a shade that won’t give me that Barbie look so i usually stick to
    pale or muted pinks, and avoid bright.

  13. That last one you put looks perfect on you.
    I loved that lip gloss.. Most likely I’ll get it ^_^
    Thank you for this video :D


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