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3 Looks Using the Naked 3 Palette

MORE INFO:: ::MY REVIEW ON THE PALETTE w/ Dupe Swatches! ::…

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  1. Loved all three looks…last one was my favorite. You look gorgeous as
    always. I keep seeing more and more ytubers using your products!! I can’t
    wait to try them….a lot of the people using them seem to like them better
    than mac products. You have created quality so don’t apologize for using
    your own products. Soon I will collect a whole palette:).

  2. You should push your product!!! I have 8 shadows & 2 pigments and
    absolutely love all of it!!! Thank you for a quality product!!

  3. I wasn’t thrilled with my Naked 3 til I saw your tutorial. It’s just SO
    pink and I don’t like it on myself much. But I love the looks you did here.
    I’ll have to play with it more. Thanks for this! xoxo

  4. I dont think that winged cat eye liners look good on you, try something a
    little more appropriate for you age, you’re still very pretty at your age

  5. Thanks for your twist on the naked 3. I also love how you used makeup geek
    as well. It actually makes me want to purchase more brushes and eye shadows
    !! Especially that red eye liner and eye liner brush ! 🙂 

  6. I have just ordered naked3 palette a few days ago I can’t wait for it to
    arrive , you have given me some good ideas on looks :)

  7. I wish u could of zoomed in the colors you used so that way if we don’t
    have the pallet we could find a similar color. Beautiful looks! 

  8. LOOOVE this channel.. I don’t have any of the high ends but, I do try my
    best to either find dupes of what I have or kinda of do something similar.
    I just enjoy doing make up. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for taking the
    time to share with us. Your AWESOME Marlena!! 

  9. Marlena you’ve stayed true to your roots of doing eye looks but I would
    love to see an updated full face routine and some more technical approaches
    to makeup. xo

  10. You don’t have to defend yourself for using your own products! If ppl don’t
    like, too bad for them. Love all the looks <3

  11. In the second look, I couldn’t help but notice how your left eye looked
    really unblended where the dark colours started 1/3 way in on the lid. Just
    like BAM black line :/

  12. LOVE the 2nd look, I am a fan of nude lips and a nice simple smokey eye so
    that look is PERFECT!!!! (I also loved your hair for the 2nd look)

  13. I loved the Naked 3 since I saw the debut. Now that I have it, I have
    enjoyed creating so mnay gorgeous looks, makes my green eyes greenier. Such
    gorgeous colors. Thanks for giving me some great ideas!


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