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2014 DRUGSTORE MAKEUP HAUL & MORE: MAC, Maybelline, NEW dipbrow & more

List: Will post later I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 instagram: thomasadrianna1 follow me on twitter!!!!!/thomasAdrianna CHECK …

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  1. lancome tient idole has been my go to foundation since the 90s! nothin else
    works for me either…. btw, you look super gorg, i love the hair, and its
    pronounced ( T – ENT- EE- DOWL)

  2. Girl I’m glad you in the drug store products. I love Walmart lashes and
    love the nearly naked foundation( I think that’s by revlon – you reviewed

  3. You’re too funny. I am from the north, so you know your accent had me
    cracking up. As mine would have you cracking up also. Now I want to try
    black radiance, cuz that color is nice. I always walk past it in the drug

  4. I used to use matchmaster 7.5 then left it for ysl, I then came back to mac
    and now use 8.0 and its the best and my skin is EXTREMELY oily. I never
    base my judgement on how the mac people test me cos it always looks
    horrible but if u blend it with the right brush and amount its quite sheer,
    not heavy at all

  5. I wear MAC Matchmaster in 7.5 too. At first I was given 8.5 and it was too
    red and to dark for me then I was given 8.0 and it was too red again. Then
    I finally got 7.5 and it worked out fine I love it. Also the Matchmaster
    does adjusts to your skin.7.5 has yellow undertones and you have yellow
    undertones so it should work for you. I hope u like the foundation cause I
    do lol. I think as black women we assume that we all have red undertones
    but that’s not the cause you can be dark skin and still have yellow

  6. you’ll love the dipbrow! I am also obsessed with brow products. It goes on
    wet but when it dries……honey…. you can swim the Atlantic ocean and
    your brows will NOT go anywhere! lol

  7. Over the summer I used witch hazel as my only toner and it didnt really
    work for me. But when I used the witch hazel in the morning and my regular
    toner at night I have noticed a major difference! so dont give up on the
    witch hazel girl lol

  8. I love your videos thanks for the info, it can be so hard too know what to
    get as a dark skinned beauty consumer, and your videos help set the
    starting point for me. Also for toner I use pure rubbing alcohol, not the
    cheap diluted kind either, it doesn’t overly dry my skin but I’m oily, and
    it keeps me from having blemishes on my forehead and cheeks, I wipe
    everywhere my weave touches.


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