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15 Week Pregnancy Vlog: Baby Stuff!!

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  1. I love watching you talk about being pregnant!!! You make me want another
    🙂 do you have a po box where we can send you baby stuff!!!? If you have a
    boy, I have a few pieces of clothing that I have been saving for someone
    who really cares about having nice clothes and I’d love to send you some.
    Feels funny saying that since I don’t know you on real life but I mean it! 

  2. Soooo exciting… Just a tip. I found with the onesies.. Notice how they
    have the little flap on the shoulders. When I put them on my son they would
    move off his shoulders because obviously of being picked up and him
    squirming etc. I just found that normal capped sleeves were better.. 

  3. my biggest advice for baby clothes is always SIZE UP! only purchase 3
    months and up lol my son was 7.4 lbs at birth but he was 20.5 inches and
    just grew so fast that he was wearing 3 months by like the 2nd week haha
    it’s not only the pounds that matter but how long they are!

  4. Okay….you are so adorable talking about all this baby stuff. You are
    going to be a good mom Tiffany. Those Carters pieces are SO cute…and I
    love the ones you picked out for yourself as well. All the best at your
    appointment. xo Linda 

  5. Wow Tiffany, you’ve really found your stride! Looks like motherhood will be
    the making of you. You’re so open and real with us now, compared to how you
    used to be! So awesome! So excited for you and seeing how super excited you

  6. No apologies for buying baby stuff “early”! It’s exciting for you, have
    fun! There is only one first time! 🙂 Love your excitement. Thanks for
    sharing with us!

  7. It’s so weird where I live we don’t buy baby things untill very late in
    pregnancy or at least till after the 20week scan. Hardly anyone does up
    rooms untill baby is born.. it must be a cultural thing.. can’t wait to see
    babas nursery… it’ll be fab like the rest of your home..

  8. Tiffany! I tried to wait a little bit so you may actually see this 🙂 You
    were the first channel that I watched wayyyy back when–you were in a much
    smaller closet with a brown bob. So needless to say we go way back

  9. I’m so happy for you! & you can tell you’re over the moon happy! I’m sure
    someone’s already said this but I would recommend just buying a few newborn
    things since they’ll grow out of them so quick.. Buy more 0-3 months! :)

  10. Do the maternit21 blood draw they seperate your blood from baby’s and look
    for any kind of disorders and will also tell you the gender with 99%


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